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Below is a list of all the downloadable resources covered within this training.

First off, you have a list of resources that are discussed in all modules under the title "All Modules".

Next you will see resources specific to an individual module listed by the module number. If you do not see a specific Module number listed that is because the resources discussed in that module can all be found in the "All Modules" list.

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All Modules:

Course Objectives.pdf
Guiding Questions & Prior Knowledge Considerations .pdf
COVID-19 & Distance Learning Tips and Tricks .pdf
Book & Website List.pdf

Module #1:

PBIS & MTSS Resource List.pdf

Module #3:

Competing Pathway (blank).pdf
Gradual Introduction of Stressors (blank).pdf

Module #4:

Tiered Interventions for School Re-Engagement.pdf

Module #5 & #6:

School Refusal Assessment Scale-Revised (C).pdf
School Refusal Assessment Scale-Revised (P).pdf
Subjective Units of Distress (SUDs) Tracker - (Blank).pdf