Technology Module Overview

Welcome to Module 4: Technology Tools to Engage Students and Assess Learning

Teaching in a digital environment provides an opportunity to integrate technology tools that can support your teaching, help you streamline assessment, and provide students with new ways to express their knowledge. 

This module will highlight 4 categories of tools:

Video-conferencing Most teachers will be doing some type of synchronous teaching with students. We will highlight how to best use these tools to maintain student engagement and foster a collaborative learning environment.

Screen-Recording Recording your lessons can be extremely useful and quite helpful to students who need extra time to process the information. We’ll explore tools you can use to easily record your screen and provide you with specific guidelines on how to best create these short videos. 

Student Expression We will look at some digital tools that enable students to express their knowledge in new, creative ways digitally.

Student Assessment Assessment in an online environment presents new opportunities. We will explore digital tools available for you to easily assess student knowledge on an ongoing basis.

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