Module Overview

Welcome to Module 2: Setting up your Digital Classroom

In this module you will learn 3 basic design rules about how to organize your class online.

We will focus on:

How to effectively use whitespace while chunking your text. Research shows students don't have the attention and stamina to read lots of text online. Plus, the Multimedia Principle* says we learn best from pictures AND text than from text alone.

Organizing your content using icons, hierarchy, and headers so it is clear what students need to attend to. 

Personalizing your text and directions so it feels like you are “in conversation” with your students. This leads to deeper engagement. Wouldn't you agree?

We will also explore ways for students to interact and engage with course content to encourage active participation over passive consumption.

*The multimedia principle states that people learn better from words and pictures than from words alone. It is supported by empirically derived theory suggesting that words and images evoke different conceptual processes and that perception and learning are active, constructive processes (Clark & Mayer, 2016).

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