This course will cover the main features of Tier 1 PBIS for the virtual or hybrid setting and how stress, trauma and Covid are impacting PBIS. With videos, presentations and 20 downloadable resources.

  • Tier 1 Teams
  • Stress, Trauma and Covid
  • Expectations
  • Teaching Expectations
  • Acknowledgement & Feedback
  • Relationship Building
  • Preventing and Correcting Behavior Errors
  • Fidelity and Outcomes Data

Dr. Lori Lynass

Dr. Lori Lynass, Executive Director of Sound Supports, is a state and national leader in the provision of training and technical assistance for PBIS implementation. She has worked directly with over 1,000 schools, in over 100 districts and 3 state departments of education on their implementation of academic and behavioral systems of support. Areas of expertise include Schoolwide PBIS, Tier 2 & 3 PBIS, Trauma Informed Classrooms, Classroom Management, Restorative Justice and Special Education.

$125.00 USD Individual One Year Access

$1,500.00 USD All staff in a School One Year Access

Certificate for 3 Hours Provided at Completion of Course

Creating Trauma Informed Classrooms $175.00

This course will give teacher the tools and strategies needed to create trauma informed classrooms. We will focus on principals of PBIS and Scoail Emotional learning to grow resilience to trauma.

Effective and Engaging Online Instruction $150.00

This course is taught by master teacher Jim Dunnigan who has designed and taught courses in online instruction for Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University.


Coming in October - PBIS Tier 2 Supports for Virtual and Hybrid Learning $150.00

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